CNC Process
CNC Machine Process  
Stock Products Ship within 24 Hours; Custom Samples Ship within 8-10 Days with No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Limitation.
Customizable Size: Width/Height/Length/Thickness can be adjusted according to your requirements.
Custom Cutouts: Hole Milling (CNC milling) services available for creating holes for Ethernet, OLED or other displays, fan exhausts, power jacks, LEDs, etc.
Custom Colors: Choose from a range of colors including Black, Silver, Grey, Blue, Red, Gold, Yellow, Green, etc. through Anodizing or Powder Painting.
Custom Logo: Personalize your products with laser printing, silk screen printing, engraving, or UV printing of your logo.
Customize other components: We offer a range of other components such as screws, reverting bolts, blind bolts, studs, liners, handles, etc.
Customize other functions: Choose from conductive or non-conductive materials, Surtec 650 surface treatment, or Alodine surface treatment.

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