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how to choose the right electronic enclosure for your project?

                                   how to choose the right electronic enclosure for your project?


If I will you, know nothing about the out-of-the-box. don't worry. 10 years before. I am the same as you. before sharing the idea, please forgive me. my English my not very professional. if have anything not clear. just tell me. I will find a solution for you. now let me share with you how did I learn about the box and how to choose the right enclosure for my electronic parts.


Before considering use which style enclosure. need to make a list

   1. make for which project?
   2. how is the function, which material is better?
   3. box requirements? light? IP rating? beautiful? heatsink?Conductive? rack mount?
   4. where to use it?
   5. who is my customer?
   6. who is my Competitor?
   7. how they sell?
   8. how about the price?
   9. what is the advantage of my product?
  10. how's my budget?

Do you have the answer now?  below is the style for your reference. 
Style   Material                                                                 Function 
Aluminum Extrusion Enclosure  Aluminum Alloy 6063 +5052 The aluminum enclosure is processed on the aluminum profile which is drawn by aluminum. It has high flexibility and can be cut at any depth. In general, there is a slot for the circuit board inside, no need to be fixed again, the convenience of other types of the enclosure can not be compared, but the general waterproof aluminum shell is poor, not suitable for use in the wild, and harsh environment.
Die-cast Enclosure  ADC12 and ADC6 The aluminum die-casting shell adopts one-time die-casting molding technology, which has waterproof and explosion-proof characteristics and is suitable for field use.
Bending case of aluminum plate Aluminum Alloy 5052  no waterproof, normal use for big equipment 
Plastic box  plastic  cheap and light. 

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